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The Social Web

21 Aug

By Tim McKane

You’ve just caught up – and the game has changed again….The Social Web.

I’ve been thinking. There are so many titles for what we do that it becomes difficult to capture it all in one phrase. Social media marketing, digital marketing, inbound marketing, content marketing, search marketing, e-mail marketing…it goes on.

But there is something that I have been trying to pin down and it is as easy as nailing smoke. Where is the web and internet marketing going next?

My take on it is that we are seeing a merging of different channels. The main thing is that web sites and social media are becoming one and the same.

Let me explain.

Is Amazon a social media site?

No? It is a sales site? But one of the ways that Amazon has been most successful in selling is because it is also a social media site.

Yes Amazon have a presence on Facebook and Twitter, and people recommend books and other products on those sites, but the real social engagement is on their own site. That is where people read reviews, recommendations, and find books that other people like them read.

The key is other people like them.

Currently there are two ‘things’ the web and social media. You go here, and then you go there. To Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more. But if you build some social media style tech into your web site, then you could create engagement on your own site, and your customers would find ‘other people like them’ and your brand could be the reason that they engage.

This is the natural extension of the blog on your site. Moving away from specific blog content to content in general – so that your home page is interesting, engaging and prompts a longer visit with more brand interaction.

It isn’t here yet, but it is on the way.  The social web.


5 Marketing Lessons From Miley Cyrus

23 May

By Viki McAdoo

1. Make your brand innovative

I wouldn’t say Miley is an industry innovator as there have been many child stars that have created a wholesome image only to try and destroy it in their teens, but Miley is a veritable branding machine icon. Brands always evolve and yours should too. Perfectly timed business strategies saved brands like Apple, Gap and Netflix from going bust.



For some local Northern Ireland businesses the wholesome family-run image is important to them but this doesn’t mean the future can’t be embraced. The future is digital. Your customers are digital people. Some businesses may not believe it but people are embracing technology and so should your business. For now you may still sell more in-store but how long will that last for? It is time to step up, make your brand evolve and prosper into the future. If people are searching for your products online you need your brand in front of them.

2. Social Media can be king

With 18.1 million Twitter followers & 47 million on Facebook, Miley is a social media machine. Social media is a personal insight into your brand for customers, so it is not all about selling, selling, selling. Miley “leaks” details about her projects to her followers so they know first but also posts day to day things like her and her dogs so followers see the “real” her too. Next time you’re posting for your business think about that amazing view from the office and share it or even offer followers a discount code specifically for them. People want to feel special, even to brands so always make your content accessible and shareable. Miley even put a hashtag in the title of a track (#23) to really push her marketing message.


3. There’s a right time for everything

Miley’s Wrecking Ball hit came just at the right time when she was broken hearted about the split form her fiancé and fans could relate to her. It also came on the back of her much hyped VMA performance.

Think about your products and your target audience. What events are important to them? Talk about them on social media and show that your brand is about more than selling.

Create a strategy for your business. When you’re thinking about promotions for your products sit down and think about more than “oh, it’s summer, we should promote our golf club”. Instead react to the Masters or the US Open on social media to show that you really have an interest in the interests of your customers. It’s about creating more than a sales based relationship with customers and connecting with them at the right times. When setting up your business calendar consider all the marketing opportunities that could be coming up, seasonal or otherwise.

4. The importance of target marketing

Miley gets criticised for her outfits, what she says, her lyrics, her twerking, but she doesn’t care. Her entire brand is targeted towards rebellious tweens and teens who have grown up with Hannah Montana and have grown out of her too. The majority of people who are criticising Miley Cyrus are 40+.


The lesson here – your brand won’t appeal to everyone but embrace that. If you get criticised by a customer take the feedback on board but also consider how prevalent they are to your target market.

Digital marketing gives you the perfect method to drill down into your customer based and serve them with highly relevant, specialised ads to niche customer segments. Traditional advertising methods can’t provide this.

5. Partner up

Miley has pared up with everyone from Madonna to Will.I.Am to change her sound, target similar audiences and create innovative projects. Your business should do all of these things, well possibly without the need of Will.I.Am!

Blogging is great for so many reasons (SEO, credibility, walking the walk etc.) and guest blogging can be a great way to build up relationships with other brands targeting the same customer base. It can benefit both brands as you have access to new potential customers within your target market who have actively engaged with a partner brand. Social media is the perfect way to begin to create these types of relationships so start retweeting and replying to begin to build strong partnerships.

Love her or hate her Miley Cyrus is a marketing and PR machine. She is turning into an early reinventions queen, ticking off the controversy check-list and molding the image she wants to. Surprisingly, there are many marketing lessons to be learned from her and many that can be applied to most businesses. The digital footprint she leaves will not be easily forgotten and neither should your businesses. She brings a new meaning to the term ‘making a hash if it’.