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A Simple Guide to Twitter Advertising

22 Jul

By Viki McAdoo

Facebook has become the social media advertising king in recent times but Twitter has started to challenge it in some pretty interesting ways. I’m going to give you a quick crash course in how to get your mind around Twitter advertising.

Twitter Advertising Blog

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There are a couple of options for campaign types on Twitter, I’ll explain them below.

Twitter Advertising 2

Promoted Tweets are…

Like regular Tweets but they get a little boost. They come up in Twitter feeds like normal Tweets but have a little “promoted” symbol below them. Of course they can still be retweeted, replied to and favourited. They will reach more people and are great to encourage click-throughs to your websites or can promote events your business has coming up, plus a lot more.

photo credit: opensourceway via photopin cc
Twitter Advertising Promoted Tweet

Promoted Accounts are…

Suggested Twitter accounts that users may be interested in but do not follow yet. You’ll spot them under the “who to follow” suggestions. They are great for reaching potential followers who have a real interest or affiliation with your brand. Promoted accounts are about seeing the bigger picture – rather than just aiming for numbers of followers it is about gaining followers who will drive leads and purchases further down the line.

Twitter Advertising Promoted Account

App instalments & engagements are…

Tweets which focus on promoting either the download of apps or the engagement of users through their apps. They offer users the chance to download the app if they do not already have it, or open it if they have already downloaded it. These are great for targeting people who already have an interest in similar apps and are likely to download your app.

Promoted App

Once you have selected what type of ad is going to produce the best results for your aims fill in the relevant details like campaign name and you start and end dates. If you choose to do an app instalment campaign there are a few extras you’ll need like the app ID which would will get here:

App ID Twitter Advertising

At this stage you will also have to choose between App downloads OR App engagements. For a lot of companies app downloads may seem like the obvious choice but it all depends on what stage you app is in its product life cycle. Promoting it to users that have already struck up a relationship with your brand can be a great way to reignite fresh interest and increase active app users.


Targeting on Twitter is a little different to the targeting you may do for other digital marketing methods. There are four choices for targeting on Twitter:

  • Keywords
  • Interests and followers
  • Television
  • Tailored

Not every option is available for each type of advertising but I’ll give you an overview.


It is always important to select your location carefully. For each campaign I would set the location to Northern Ireland, rather than waste impressions on people who are outside the target area.

Watch out for this each time you are setting up a new campaign.

Twitter Location Setting

If I was a Garden Centre and I was trying to advertise on Twitter, this is how I could use each of the methods…

Targeting using keywords

This is basically using keywords on interests, topics people Tweet about or topics people engage with to grasp and audience that will have an interest in your product. So for my florist I would use:

  • Flowers
  • Gardening
  • Garden
  • BBQ
  • Lawn

To find out more about Broad matches and Phrase matches click here and learn about match types.

Targeting using interests and followers

It is beneficial to target users on their specific interests but to target followers takes a little thought. Before delving into this it is worth researching competitors on Twitter as well as people of public interest in the area you are targeting. For my Garden Centre in Newtownards I would target the following:

Twitter Targeting using followers

The box on the right hand side give lots of useful information about how the targeting will affect your campaign.

#TopTip make sure you put as @ sign and the exact user name of the account you want to use.

By then adding in an interest category can broaden your reach…

Twitter Targeting Followers and Interests

Targeting using television

Targeting using television can be a great way to reach emerged used who are already interested in your topic but it is also a clever way to think outside the box (excuse the pun) and think about users other interests that may not be directly linked to your product. I have used a mixture of gardening TV shows, a TV personality and soaps to reach potential new customers in the area.

Twitter TV Targeting Advertising

Targeting using tailored audiences

Tailored audiences can be used to reach audiences by outlining potential and existing clients. You can base these lists on web browsing behaviour – such as people who have visited the barbeque section of the Garden Centre site, – email address or Twitter IDs – all which may already be managed in a CRM system.

The further customisation of your campaign can be done in a couple of ways, these are outlined below:

  • Customize where Promoted Tweets appear (users timelines or search results). This will depend on
  • Limit targeting to specific devices (iPad, iPhone, Android etc.) This is useful when promoting App instalments for specific devices and impressions are not wasted.
  • Limit targeting my gender
  • Limit targeting by language
  • Limit targeting by excluding list audiences (using email or Twitter ID lists)


Twitter offers you a couple of budgeting options

Twitter Advertising Budgets

It is always good to put in a total budget even though it is optional. This help keep campaigns within budgets and is more manageable. Daily budgets are required and by setting them alongside a total budget you can calculate the possible length of your campaign.


Standard: Your ad will be shown as evenly as possible throughout the day

Accelerated: Ads are shown as often as possible from 00:00 onwards. This is very rarely a useful pacing technique unless your aim is simply brand awareness.


For Promoted Tweets and Accounts you will also need to select the Tweet you want to promote. Doing this manually ensure you are promoting the message you want to and are creating a campaign all based around the same promotion. You can also do it automatically for Promoted Tweets. This lets Twitter promote up to five of your best recent Tweets with the highest engagements. However this doesn’t mean you will get the best results or the message across that you want.

The key to setting up a successful Twitter campaign is clearly outlining your aims before you start and then working out which targeting method will get the best results for you. This can take a while at the start but advertising on Twitter is a great method for reaching potential clients who have already expressed an interest in either your type of product or the general area you work in.






You need to turn your amplifier up to Eleven to get results from Facebook today…

3 Mar

“Up to eleven” has become a well known quote – coming from Nigel, lead guitarist with that most famous of all heavy metal exponents, Spinal Tap (if you haven’t seen it, here it is)

Well now if you want to get some oomph from your social media marketing, I am afraid that you are going to have to get some amplification.

The days of Facebook being a free advertising media are long gone. The sheer volume of activity on the site results in fierce competition to get in front of the potential consumer, and them liking your page has even less impact than before.

Here’s the problem. In Ireland, every Facebook user has around 280 friends. They also like around 80 pages. So in total there are 360 people and pages trying to get onto the newsfeed, with an average of 1500 posts a day! As you may have noticed, you do not see all of these. The Algorithm once known as Edge Rank, but now using many more elements than simply Affinity, Weight and Decay, decides for you if you want to see the content or not. Think about it, or even go and remind yourself of the pages that you have liked in the past. You will be surprised at the number that you haven’t heard from for quite a while.

So what value is there in page likes for marketers? Well not much anymore, other than being a good way to target your advertising. No matter what page we look at the engagement level always appears to come in at around 1%, and that means that 99% are falling further away from the page that they only liked so that they could try to win a prize.

Where Facebook now works as a media is in the same way that all media have worked. Advertising that interrupts the content. Brands are using promoted posts and Facebook ads targeted at those that profile against their target audience, but also those that have liked them in the past. Twitter is also now an advertising media, with promoted Tweets targeted at those with certain interests, watching specific shows.

The key now is where do you want that advertising to click to? If there is not a lot of value in a like, and the data that you get from Facebook and Twitter is theirs, not yours, why bring them to your Facebook page?

You need to think about how to plan a campaign and how to create landing pages that capture useful data for your future marketing. Turning up your amp to eleven is the only way forward, and then it is about hitting the right notes to appeal to your audience.

The World is Your Oyster… Online

8 May

Business has always been about communications. If you set up a business you need to get a customer or two to get started, and that involves a sales process. In the very old days, business was done very locally, with friends as a start point for the first sale. Then the improvement in transport allowed people to move goods further, and the sales people could go to the next town on the back of Dobbin.

The arrival of rail transport changed the world of business. People and goods were shifted around the country at unheard of speeds. Thomas Cook invented the package holiday, moving people from place to place, W H Smith realised that you could put papers on the train, and then sell them to the people getting on the train at the stations.

This shrinking of the world continued with road and air transport. The ability to talk to people around the world arrived with the telephone network. Fax machines amazed office staff as they saw documents made digital.

oyster new

And then the internet arrived.

Perhaps the biggest change since the railways, the web has changed things completely. People can buy anything from anywhere in the world, as a number of e-commerce retailers in Northern Ireland have proven. Online, customers can buy products and services, can compare prices, can read about the company, the people, the service, and other customers’ reviews.

But businesses can also stop thinking about their current sales geography and start to think about how to sell to the audience that is looking for their products. Companies that sell in Northern Ireland can now easily sell in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, and this is just a start point, as selling further afield is also possible. By making the on-line presence visible, and the web site content attractive, inviting and engaging, you can put your brand on the shopping list of lots of people that until the advent of the World Wide Web, would never have come across you or your products!

Add in the social media channels, and deliver rich, varied, valuable and creative content to keep your brand visibility strong, and you will be able to build a customer base that sells for you by sharing the content and increasing your brand profile.

But it also works the other way round…

Customers that would have bought locally are seeing offers, prices, brands and companies that are competing for their business. The battle ground of the web is becoming more sophisticated. Understanding the synergy between search, social, digital advertising, and the need for fresh engaging content is the challenge. But get it right and the world opens up to sales, partnerships, information and welcome to the exciting world of international business.