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The Social Web

21 Aug

By Tim McKane

You’ve just caught up – and the game has changed again….The Social Web.

I’ve been thinking. There are so many titles for what we do that it becomes difficult to capture it all in one phrase. Social media marketing, digital marketing, inbound marketing, content marketing, search marketing, e-mail marketing…it goes on.

But there is something that I have been trying to pin down and it is as easy as nailing smoke. Where is the web and internet marketing going next?

My take on it is that we are seeing a merging of different channels. The main thing is that web sites and social media are becoming one and the same.

Let me explain.

Is Amazon a social media site?

No? It is a sales site? But one of the ways that Amazon has been most successful in selling is because it is also a social media site.

Yes Amazon have a presence on Facebook and Twitter, and people recommend books and other products on those sites, but the real social engagement is on their own site. That is where people read reviews, recommendations, and find books that other people like them read.

The key is other people like them.

Currently there are two ‘things’ the web and social media. You go here, and then you go there. To Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more. But if you build some social media style tech into your web site, then you could create engagement on your own site, and your customers would find ‘other people like them’ and your brand could be the reason that they engage.

This is the natural extension of the blog on your site. Moving away from specific blog content to content in general – so that your home page is interesting, engaging and prompts a longer visit with more brand interaction.

It isn’t here yet, but it is on the way.  The social web.


Why your ads are not getting results!

23 Jul

By Dee Jardine

So you’ve set-up your first campaign on Google Adwords, and expected your sales to double but instead you’ve seen barely any change in web conversions or enquiries.  Here are our suggestions of what may have gone wrong and how to fix it.

1. Your targeting is wrong

Embed from Getty Images
Too specific?

If your impressions are low chances are the keywords you’ve chosen are too specific to reach a significant audience.  Don’t just pull a few keywords ideas from your head, people are often searching for terms you might not have thought of.  As shown in our previous blog, use Google keyword planner as a tool to find a wider range of keywords to target. It’s often best to pick a wide range of relevant keywords and then narrow them down at a later date once you have an idea of what is working best.

Too broad?

If your impressions are high but your still not seeing positive results it could be that your targeting is too broad and irrelevant to those you’re ads are appearing before.  Check the match type of your keywords.  If for example you are selling only roof tiles you don’t want to appear in front of those searching for bathroom tiles.  There are two ways you can avoid this. The first is to select “bathroom” as a negative keyword, or you can change your keyword “roof tiles” to exact match type.

2. Your Ads are dull or irrelevant

Are your Ad’s boring?

Your ads need to give people a reason to click them.  Ensure your ad text is tailored to their search term, for example if you have an AdGroup with keywords based around cheap roof tiles include the term “cheap roof tiles” or “low cost roof tiles” in your ad text.  This confirms to customers that your ad meets their needs.

Remember your Ads are competing against your competitors for clicks.  Include an offer in your ad text to persuade customers to visit your website over competitors.  For example “15% Off – Exclusive Online Discount” or “Order Today for Free delivery”.

My colleague Caroline taught me a neat trick last week to make ads more eye catching. Add a full stop to the end of the first line of your text, below the headline and this will bring this line up beside the headline on high ranking ads.

Without a full stop your ad will appear like this.


With the full stop in place your Ads will appear like this.4


Misleading your customers?

You might find your ads get a lot of clicks to your website but no conversions.  It could be that your ads are very enticing but not all that factual.  For example if your ad says your have a wide variety of tiles, but when customers click to your website there are only a handful of choices they will soon click back off your page.

3.  Your landing page is useless

The most common reason for failing to convert a customer once they have clicked to your website is the quality of the landing page.

Are your frustrating your customers?

How often have you searched for something online, red shoes for example, seen an ad for red shoes, then clicked on this ad only to be directed to a homepage for a fashion retailer with no red shoes insight!

Sending your customers to your homepage is a sure fire way to infuriate them, they’ve just completed a search online, and you’ve managed to tick their boxes so far, why not do yourself a favour and make converting as simple as possible for them.

Website usability has a large impact on whether a customer will complete a transaction.  If they can’t navigate your page easily they will move on to someone else.  Look out for your websites usability on mobile devices, if your page compatible be sure to target your ads to desktop users only to avoid spending money on clicks that won’t result in sales.

Is your website persuasive?

Use language to encourage customers to make the purchase today.  Often customers will spend a lot of time browsing before they make a purchase decision, adding time factor such as “limited stocks available” will be them push they need.

Match the tone and feel of your website to your customer.  If your selling corporate stationery make sure the land page is professional; avoid a casual informal tone and use colours and images that fit the theme. If on the other hand you’re selling children’s party invites your tone should be fun and casual, with bright colours and entertaining images.  You might think this is obvious advice but it’s amazing how many people get it wrong.

Make sure your landing page gives enough information to answer questions customers may have, but at the same time is not too text heavy.  Often the nature and cost your product will impact the level of detail required, but too much text maybe off-putting to a time conscious shopper.

4. Other Constraints

Limited budget

If your budget is £5.00 per day and your average cost per click is £2.00 your ad will stop showing after it is been clicked around three times.  Therefore you have limited ability to reach enough customers to convert.  A higher daily budget over a shorter time period may prove more effective.  Try scheduling your ads so that they appear at a time of day when customers are most likely to convert, for example during work hours for corporate products.

Another factor to consider is your bid, if the average cost for a click is £2.00 but your maximum bid is £1.00 your ad will not rank high enough to be seen regularly.

Time & limited interest

If you are targeting an area as small as Northern Ireland, for a niche interest it may take more time to see any result from your ads.  If you’re confident in your targeting, ad text and landing page, and recognise there are few searches per month related to your product, give your campaign some time to start seeing results.

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A Simple Guide to Twitter Advertising

22 Jul

By Viki McAdoo

Facebook has become the social media advertising king in recent times but Twitter has started to challenge it in some pretty interesting ways. I’m going to give you a quick crash course in how to get your mind around Twitter advertising.

Twitter Advertising Blog

Set up your credit card details and you’ll get £25 free advertising credit from the powers that be at Twitter!

There are a couple of options for campaign types on Twitter, I’ll explain them below.

Twitter Advertising 2

Promoted Tweets are…

Like regular Tweets but they get a little boost. They come up in Twitter feeds like normal Tweets but have a little “promoted” symbol below them. Of course they can still be retweeted, replied to and favourited. They will reach more people and are great to encourage click-throughs to your websites or can promote events your business has coming up, plus a lot more.

photo credit: opensourceway via photopin cc
Twitter Advertising Promoted Tweet

Promoted Accounts are…

Suggested Twitter accounts that users may be interested in but do not follow yet. You’ll spot them under the “who to follow” suggestions. They are great for reaching potential followers who have a real interest or affiliation with your brand. Promoted accounts are about seeing the bigger picture – rather than just aiming for numbers of followers it is about gaining followers who will drive leads and purchases further down the line.

Twitter Advertising Promoted Account

App instalments & engagements are…

Tweets which focus on promoting either the download of apps or the engagement of users through their apps. They offer users the chance to download the app if they do not already have it, or open it if they have already downloaded it. These are great for targeting people who already have an interest in similar apps and are likely to download your app.

Promoted App

Once you have selected what type of ad is going to produce the best results for your aims fill in the relevant details like campaign name and you start and end dates. If you choose to do an app instalment campaign there are a few extras you’ll need like the app ID which would will get here:

App ID Twitter Advertising

At this stage you will also have to choose between App downloads OR App engagements. For a lot of companies app downloads may seem like the obvious choice but it all depends on what stage you app is in its product life cycle. Promoting it to users that have already struck up a relationship with your brand can be a great way to reignite fresh interest and increase active app users.


Targeting on Twitter is a little different to the targeting you may do for other digital marketing methods. There are four choices for targeting on Twitter:

  • Keywords
  • Interests and followers
  • Television
  • Tailored

Not every option is available for each type of advertising but I’ll give you an overview.


It is always important to select your location carefully. For each campaign I would set the location to Northern Ireland, rather than waste impressions on people who are outside the target area.

Watch out for this each time you are setting up a new campaign.

Twitter Location Setting

If I was a Garden Centre and I was trying to advertise on Twitter, this is how I could use each of the methods…

Targeting using keywords

This is basically using keywords on interests, topics people Tweet about or topics people engage with to grasp and audience that will have an interest in your product. So for my florist I would use:

  • Flowers
  • Gardening
  • Garden
  • BBQ
  • Lawn

To find out more about Broad matches and Phrase matches click here and learn about match types.

Targeting using interests and followers

It is beneficial to target users on their specific interests but to target followers takes a little thought. Before delving into this it is worth researching competitors on Twitter as well as people of public interest in the area you are targeting. For my Garden Centre in Newtownards I would target the following:

Twitter Targeting using followers

The box on the right hand side give lots of useful information about how the targeting will affect your campaign.

#TopTip make sure you put as @ sign and the exact user name of the account you want to use.

By then adding in an interest category can broaden your reach…

Twitter Targeting Followers and Interests

Targeting using television

Targeting using television can be a great way to reach emerged used who are already interested in your topic but it is also a clever way to think outside the box (excuse the pun) and think about users other interests that may not be directly linked to your product. I have used a mixture of gardening TV shows, a TV personality and soaps to reach potential new customers in the area.

Twitter TV Targeting Advertising

Targeting using tailored audiences

Tailored audiences can be used to reach audiences by outlining potential and existing clients. You can base these lists on web browsing behaviour – such as people who have visited the barbeque section of the Garden Centre site, – email address or Twitter IDs – all which may already be managed in a CRM system.

The further customisation of your campaign can be done in a couple of ways, these are outlined below:

  • Customize where Promoted Tweets appear (users timelines or search results). This will depend on
  • Limit targeting to specific devices (iPad, iPhone, Android etc.) This is useful when promoting App instalments for specific devices and impressions are not wasted.
  • Limit targeting my gender
  • Limit targeting by language
  • Limit targeting by excluding list audiences (using email or Twitter ID lists)


Twitter offers you a couple of budgeting options

Twitter Advertising Budgets

It is always good to put in a total budget even though it is optional. This help keep campaigns within budgets and is more manageable. Daily budgets are required and by setting them alongside a total budget you can calculate the possible length of your campaign.


Standard: Your ad will be shown as evenly as possible throughout the day

Accelerated: Ads are shown as often as possible from 00:00 onwards. This is very rarely a useful pacing technique unless your aim is simply brand awareness.


For Promoted Tweets and Accounts you will also need to select the Tweet you want to promote. Doing this manually ensure you are promoting the message you want to and are creating a campaign all based around the same promotion. You can also do it automatically for Promoted Tweets. This lets Twitter promote up to five of your best recent Tweets with the highest engagements. However this doesn’t mean you will get the best results or the message across that you want.

The key to setting up a successful Twitter campaign is clearly outlining your aims before you start and then working out which targeting method will get the best results for you. This can take a while at the start but advertising on Twitter is a great method for reaching potential clients who have already expressed an interest in either your type of product or the general area you work in.





Your customers are people – simple but true?

2 Jul

Tim McKane

One of the most difficult things for people in business to do is to put themselves in the mind of their customers. Divorcing yourself from your own products and services and putting yourself in the mind of an existing or potential customer is difficult.

The Amazon mantra is start at the customer and work backwards. It works, and not just for marketing, but for business strategy too.

You are in the agri food sector, and you have a great idea for a new product. A brilliant idea. People will really want frog flavoured ice cream. They like fish food made by Ben and Jerry’s, so frog will be a big seller. Then ou take a leap of faith and your team develop a really exciting taste, the package design is done. The retailers are all for it (stay with me here), it is on the shelf, and it stays there, in the frozen cabinet, £4.99 a litre, then half price, then no price and you are back to the drawing board. What about a new strawberry ripple?

Of course people don’t want frog flavoured ice cream. All their behaviour tells you that. But what’s more than that, if you think about them, you may well find that there is a flavour of ice cream that they are just waiting to try.

Your customers are people. That is such an obvious statement, but one that is sometimes overlooked. They react as people to your products and brand. They are illogical, influenced by huge numbers of interactions from family and friends to advertising and fashion. Why does someone have a favourite colour? What made them follow that team? What do they think they look like in that outfit?

In the 70’s there was a campaign for the Fiat Strada that won lots of advertising awards, Built by Robots. Beautiful film, sold no cars. Why because people did not want to buy a car built by robots, that had not been touched by human hand.

The great thing about digital marketing and the fact that so many people use the internet every day, is that that it produces data. A search for frog flavoured ice cream produces 688,000 results, but thankfully not a product. So that tells us – park that one – lets move on.

Spending time finding out about your customer and what they are interested in is a valuable way to use the tools that we have to produce great digital marketing.  It is why digital marketers are moving up the ladder to seats at board level, because sometimes they know more about what is going on than the others in the business.

Creativity – a challenge and an opportunity.

23 Jun

Tim McKane

So there you are…in a small café in Malaga, sipping your coffee and anisette, when a small man walks in carrying some paintings. He approaches and opens a canvas. The painting is weird. It is all angular people, who look nothing like real people. There are bits of noses and eyes distorted around the canvas. It is terrible.

Except it is by Picasso. He has taken formative painting and turned it on its head, and if you had bought that painting for a few pesetas, your family could now retire in total luxury, as the painting would be worth millions.


Being creative is a challenge. Buying creative work is an even bigger risk, as your points of reference have to be put on the back burner. If you are looking at, or hearing something totally different, completely new, you will find it hard to absorb it and enjoy it. Creativity is difficult to enjoy. The critics hated early Picasso. They didn’t know what he was up to, and so rejected it.

In digital marketing the challenge is now to create new and relevant content, but is it to be creative in the nature of art, literature or music. Television advertising has been pillaging the popular music canon for years now, taking songs that are well known and attaching their brand. (I have hear Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin and Darling be Home Soon by John Sebastian – the Joe Cocker version is worth a listen – during the World Cup, for Dior and McDonalds.)

With online content marketing there is a huge challenge to get people to look at, listen to, or read your content (like this blog). If I went off and tried to write like Joyce wrote Ulysses, then you wouldn’t have got this far.
Is this blog actually creative? Well, I am creating is, as it didn’t exist until I typed….thi…s…letteR.
But creating something is not necessarily being creative, as in proposing a new idea, challenging normal thinking, or inventing a new piece of technology.

People will read things that are of interest to them, but will remember if they are well written, original in their thought process, and come at a different angle. Your customers will want you to engage them, and therefore you will need to know what they are interested in learning, and reward them for spending time with your brand. Simply pushing sales messages will not do it, you need to push engagement that will lead to a sale.

Here are five tips to creating content.

1. Take some time to think about your customers – actual ones, people you know, and think about how they interact online.

2. What are they buying your product for, how can you help their lives. I wrote an ad once – “When John Smith installed Unibol Software, his golf handicap went down three shots” the benefit to John was more time, less worrying.

3. Tell a story or two. Like I just did. In number 2.

4. Look at what your competitors are up to. Do something different.

5. Take a risk. Being bold creates memories. Put a man in a gorilla suit, behind a set of drums, with a Phil Collins track, and sell chocolate.

Four ways to gain more Twitter followers

2 Jun

By Dee Jardine

We’ve all seen those too good to be true adverts and spammy messages that promise 10,000 new Twitter followers for less than £20.  You might think having more followers is crucial, but is having 10,000 followers that either don’t exist or don’t live in the country your business operates important?  Obviously, the answer is no!

The common thought of those who buy into these offers is that people are more willing to follow you if you already have a decent Twitter following, as you are obviously credible and worth the follow.  Which is to an extent true.  We are all so impressionable, and are often reluctant to follow someone with only a handful of followers!

Think about it this way, what is the purpose of your Twitter account? In most cases it’s to promote brand awareness, increase website traffic, network and gain sales. If this is why you’ve set up a Twitter account why would you then want to gain audience who; if they do even exist, are not your target market and in fact have no influence on your target market.

There’s no magic key, but be patient and follow our tried and tested tips.
Embed from Getty Images

1. Engagement

At Navajo Talk this has become a big priority recently for a client of ours who operates predominantly in the business to business sector.  We’ve been retweeting others within the industry and commenting on their posts to try start conversations.  Hopefully this will help to generate rapport with these brands who have a similar goals to ourselves.  So far we’ve seen a positive reaction from those who we’ve retweeted and even received the odd private mail regarding possible collaboration.

2. The Content King still reigns

If you want people to retweet, reply and follow you, you have to post content that appeals to their interests or provides them with helpful information.  Tweet things that people care about.  Broadcasting offers and news about your company is great way to get information out to potential customers.  However, it can also come across very dry if it’s all you post, show your personality.  Try Tweeting about relevant news, industry trends and the odd comical link.  For example at Navajo Talk while we often Tweet links to our blog and website we tend more often to Tweet about interesting things that are happening in the world of marketing and share handy tips.




Be visual.  We’ve mentioned this before, Twitter like the rest of digital world is continually becoming more of a visual place.  According to recent Twitter studies posts that include photos average a 35% boost in Retweets and Videos gain 28%.  We’ve put this into practise for a client in the fashion industry by using pictures along with text when referring to latest trends, celebrities and offers.

This one is fairly obvious, but you need to Tweet more often to up the chances of your Tweets being seen and retweeted. When you post something to Twitter only a fraction of your followers or people searching for topics you are posting about will be online.  We often schedule the same links at different times on Hootsuite to make the most out of the content by reaching a wider audience and increasing the likelihood of subsequent follows.

3. Tweepi Tool

We love using Tweepi to manage our Twitter accounts.  On Tweepi we can quickly follow the followers of another successful account, in the hope that by doing so they will return the favour and follow us back.  This is a great way to increase a relevant audience.  For example we can enter @NIBusinessNow and select followers of theirs to follow, with the knowledge that the majority of their followers will be local businesses in Northern Ireland.  We tend to follow those you will be most likely to follow us back and interact with our posts – so we select those who have posted recently.

If you’re worried about about the impression following more people than you are followed by might give, Tweepi also has a useful tool that lets you “flush” those who didn’t follow you back!

4. Twitter Ads with Competitions

You can increase your following on Twitter through the use of  Twitter Advertising, particularly with the use of with a competition incentive.  You can make competitions fun and interactive, for example if your a sporting store targeting an advertisement at local football fans encouraging them to follow and guess how many goals will be scored in the World Cup for a chance to win some new football boots.

While having a decent amount of Twitter Followers may make a good first impression, it’s more important for your business to have relevant followers, who are far more likely to make your goals a reality.

5 Marketing Lessons From Miley Cyrus

23 May

By Viki McAdoo

1. Make your brand innovative

I wouldn’t say Miley is an industry innovator as there have been many child stars that have created a wholesome image only to try and destroy it in their teens, but Miley is a veritable branding machine icon. Brands always evolve and yours should too. Perfectly timed business strategies saved brands like Apple, Gap and Netflix from going bust.



For some local Northern Ireland businesses the wholesome family-run image is important to them but this doesn’t mean the future can’t be embraced. The future is digital. Your customers are digital people. Some businesses may not believe it but people are embracing technology and so should your business. For now you may still sell more in-store but how long will that last for? It is time to step up, make your brand evolve and prosper into the future. If people are searching for your products online you need your brand in front of them.

2. Social Media can be king

With 18.1 million Twitter followers & 47 million on Facebook, Miley is a social media machine. Social media is a personal insight into your brand for customers, so it is not all about selling, selling, selling. Miley “leaks” details about her projects to her followers so they know first but also posts day to day things like her and her dogs so followers see the “real” her too. Next time you’re posting for your business think about that amazing view from the office and share it or even offer followers a discount code specifically for them. People want to feel special, even to brands so always make your content accessible and shareable. Miley even put a hashtag in the title of a track (#23) to really push her marketing message.


3. There’s a right time for everything

Miley’s Wrecking Ball hit came just at the right time when she was broken hearted about the split form her fiancé and fans could relate to her. It also came on the back of her much hyped VMA performance.

Think about your products and your target audience. What events are important to them? Talk about them on social media and show that your brand is about more than selling.

Create a strategy for your business. When you’re thinking about promotions for your products sit down and think about more than “oh, it’s summer, we should promote our golf club”. Instead react to the Masters or the US Open on social media to show that you really have an interest in the interests of your customers. It’s about creating more than a sales based relationship with customers and connecting with them at the right times. When setting up your business calendar consider all the marketing opportunities that could be coming up, seasonal or otherwise.

4. The importance of target marketing

Miley gets criticised for her outfits, what she says, her lyrics, her twerking, but she doesn’t care. Her entire brand is targeted towards rebellious tweens and teens who have grown up with Hannah Montana and have grown out of her too. The majority of people who are criticising Miley Cyrus are 40+.


The lesson here – your brand won’t appeal to everyone but embrace that. If you get criticised by a customer take the feedback on board but also consider how prevalent they are to your target market.

Digital marketing gives you the perfect method to drill down into your customer based and serve them with highly relevant, specialised ads to niche customer segments. Traditional advertising methods can’t provide this.

5. Partner up

Miley has pared up with everyone from Madonna to Will.I.Am to change her sound, target similar audiences and create innovative projects. Your business should do all of these things, well possibly without the need of Will.I.Am!

Blogging is great for so many reasons (SEO, credibility, walking the walk etc.) and guest blogging can be a great way to build up relationships with other brands targeting the same customer base. It can benefit both brands as you have access to new potential customers within your target market who have actively engaged with a partner brand. Social media is the perfect way to begin to create these types of relationships so start retweeting and replying to begin to build strong partnerships.

Love her or hate her Miley Cyrus is a marketing and PR machine. She is turning into an early reinventions queen, ticking off the controversy check-list and molding the image she wants to. Surprisingly, there are many marketing lessons to be learned from her and many that can be applied to most businesses. The digital footprint she leaves will not be easily forgotten and neither should your businesses. She brings a new meaning to the term ‘making a hash if it’.