5 things that will tell you what good looks like?

28 Jul

By Tim McKane

What makes a good web site? Or a good digital campaign or good advertising?

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The change that digital marketing has brought about is that you can now measure good. You can track people’s level of engagement through use of analytics.

  1. What is the click through rate from Google to your page? Do you know what the industry standard is for a good click through from impressions?
  2. How long do they stay on your site? Is a minute good or bad?
  3. How many pages have they looked at? Is four a positive result?
  4. Have they come back for a second look?
  5. Have they left you some way of getting in touch?

Good advertising can be measured by results, but more often than not is about whether people like the creative treatment or not.

Good digital is all about statistics and data. 


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