10 Google Secrets Revealed from the Inside

7 Jul

Google is a business that nearly 100% of people come in contact with every single day but it is still shrouded in mystery. From rumours of slides in the canteen to a visit from the Queen, the London offices seem like a pretty interesting place, one that I was majorly excited to explore. I got to attend the two day Google Partners Sales Conference last week and it was eye opening. Navajo Talk were identified by Google as a “High Potential Digital Agency” and were lucky enough to be the only Northern Ireland Digital Agency there!


Stalking is good

Ex-Googler, Joel Kremer was on hand to guide us through all things SEM and got everyone thinking about how to personalise your approach before the sale. Who knew a personalised football top could go down so well with a CEO of an international organisation (Lesson 1). It was challenging to cyber-stalk Eric Schmidt, come up with a digital idea and pitch it to the room but it proved to everyone the importance of researching every potential client before you meet them. This internet is our oyster – use it.

Swag always goes down well

As I entered the room for the first time at the sales conference I was pretty happy to see Google had provided a little swag for all in attendance. I didn’t expect it to be the sole talking point during the first break of the day. Every advertising Executive in the room couldn’t have been happier to get the freebies. It’s worth remembering that a very simple (and cheap) momentum can go a long way to impressing clients. We know everyone is after a Navajo Talk pen…it even comes with a secret feature!


You should take a step back

As an advertising agency with hundreds of ideas always spinning around it can be easy to plough head-long into meetings and insist that clients do everything but next time, take a breath and take a step back. The clients’ needs should be considered first because once you know the parameter in which you will be working, ideas can flood out that will actually drive your clients’ key goals.

Google have a bring your dog (Doogler) to work day

Having been to a couple of training days before I was well prepared for the usual “tell us something interesting about you” but I wasn’t prepared for lifts that have no buttons inside or ‘Bring Your Dog (Dooglers) to Work Day’ – complete with professional photos on the day. Walking in, I knew Google Partner Training was going to be a great step for Navajo Talk.pic3

Tools like Prezi and Emaze can change your presenting ways

90% of the time presentations are dull, dull, and dull but Joel was keen to emphasise that a little more effort at the presentation stage can go a long way. Prezi is easy to use and is much slicker than Powerpoint, plus it will make you pitch stand out from the generic corporate templates by using clever visual tricks to zoom in and out of slides and it seamlessly adds images and videos.

Emaze is a cool tool to spice up how you show information to people. It makes presentations more infographic-like and is a great to use for a 3D effect presentation.

Presentations should NEVER be more than 15 slides because if they are, you’re doing more talking than listening and that is not the way to get the best results for clients (Lesson 2).

Luckily Navajo Talk have been doing this for a while, we use this new design to show clients exactly why we are the best.


There is no slide in the London office

Contrary to popular rumours that were swirling around the group, I can confirm that there is no slide in the canteen and Google London BUT I did find out that some other agencies have Pick-A-Mixes and swings in their offices to break the ice with clients – definitely worth some thought.

You need to know how much an hour of your time is really worth

Many businesses charge by the hour but do you really know how much an hour of each member of staff’s day costs? It’s time to work it out, the results can be quite surprising. One agency at the sales conference charged half the cost of their agency hourly rate for graduates but once they worked hour the true cost of an hour to them,  they realised they were actually LOSING money on those hours.

Work doesn’t have to be boring

Meeting rooms are usually the most dreaded place but a dance studio or woodworm room can keep things a bit more interesting. Think about the spaces you use in your office and how staff as well as clients interact with it.


Formal procedures are dull but hugely important if you want to grow

Every organisation is filled with what we think is non-consequential paper work. From CRM systems to timesheets, it is a part of office life that no one enjoys and I, in the past have regularly dismissed them as pointless. However when you take a step back and really look at growing your business it becomes apparent that there is a strong need to delve into the data and realise what the conversion rate of your business actually looks like. Also, other members of staff should be able to pick up accounts when necessary and the easiest way to do this is through a CRM system.

Naps in work are essential

It may not seem like one of the most obvious thing but Google know how to invest in their employees and how to get the most out of them. If one of the largest organisations in the world can let employees have a nap in a “Sleep Pod” whenever they want, your company can too. It doesn’t have to be a nap, just letting staff nip out to the corner shop when they need to can be all the reward needed. I also got to chill out in the library looking out over London, definitely a place I could get into the zone and let my creative juices flow.


Of course there are still lots of secrets Google keep to themselves…like what’s behind this door….




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