Four ways to gain more Twitter followers

2 Jun

By Dee Jardine

We’ve all seen those too good to be true adverts and spammy messages that promise 10,000 new Twitter followers for less than £20.  You might think having more followers is crucial, but is having 10,000 followers that either don’t exist or don’t live in the country your business operates important?  Obviously, the answer is no!

The common thought of those who buy into these offers is that people are more willing to follow you if you already have a decent Twitter following, as you are obviously credible and worth the follow.  Which is to an extent true.  We are all so impressionable, and are often reluctant to follow someone with only a handful of followers!

Think about it this way, what is the purpose of your Twitter account? In most cases it’s to promote brand awareness, increase website traffic, network and gain sales. If this is why you’ve set up a Twitter account why would you then want to gain audience who; if they do even exist, are not your target market and in fact have no influence on your target market.

There’s no magic key, but be patient and follow our tried and tested tips.
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1. Engagement

At Navajo Talk this has become a big priority recently for a client of ours who operates predominantly in the business to business sector.  We’ve been retweeting others within the industry and commenting on their posts to try start conversations.  Hopefully this will help to generate rapport with these brands who have a similar goals to ourselves.  So far we’ve seen a positive reaction from those who we’ve retweeted and even received the odd private mail regarding possible collaboration.

2. The Content King still reigns

If you want people to retweet, reply and follow you, you have to post content that appeals to their interests or provides them with helpful information.  Tweet things that people care about.  Broadcasting offers and news about your company is great way to get information out to potential customers.  However, it can also come across very dry if it’s all you post, show your personality.  Try Tweeting about relevant news, industry trends and the odd comical link.  For example at Navajo Talk while we often Tweet links to our blog and website we tend more often to Tweet about interesting things that are happening in the world of marketing and share handy tips.




Be visual.  We’ve mentioned this before, Twitter like the rest of digital world is continually becoming more of a visual place.  According to recent Twitter studies posts that include photos average a 35% boost in Retweets and Videos gain 28%.  We’ve put this into practise for a client in the fashion industry by using pictures along with text when referring to latest trends, celebrities and offers.

This one is fairly obvious, but you need to Tweet more often to up the chances of your Tweets being seen and retweeted. When you post something to Twitter only a fraction of your followers or people searching for topics you are posting about will be online.  We often schedule the same links at different times on Hootsuite to make the most out of the content by reaching a wider audience and increasing the likelihood of subsequent follows.

3. Tweepi Tool

We love using Tweepi to manage our Twitter accounts.  On Tweepi we can quickly follow the followers of another successful account, in the hope that by doing so they will return the favour and follow us back.  This is a great way to increase a relevant audience.  For example we can enter @NIBusinessNow and select followers of theirs to follow, with the knowledge that the majority of their followers will be local businesses in Northern Ireland.  We tend to follow those you will be most likely to follow us back and interact with our posts – so we select those who have posted recently.

If you’re worried about about the impression following more people than you are followed by might give, Tweepi also has a useful tool that lets you “flush” those who didn’t follow you back!

4. Twitter Ads with Competitions

You can increase your following on Twitter through the use of  Twitter Advertising, particularly with the use of with a competition incentive.  You can make competitions fun and interactive, for example if your a sporting store targeting an advertisement at local football fans encouraging them to follow and guess how many goals will be scored in the World Cup for a chance to win some new football boots.

While having a decent amount of Twitter Followers may make a good first impression, it’s more important for your business to have relevant followers, who are far more likely to make your goals a reality.


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