Forget Google – you could get more Bing for your buck

20 May

By Viki McAdoo

Do unique searchers on the Yahoo Bing Network really spend 44% more than Google?

When you want to search for something online it is pretty common to Google it. Binging it just doesn’t have the same ring, but for your business, using Bing as part of your Pay Per Click advertising strategy may just be a trick you’ve been missing.


Bing now has 5.5% market share of the search engine market place. It may not sound like much but that equates to, on average, 363,057,286.4 searches day. That’s well over 300 million searches you may have been ignoring. Microsoft Sites racked up 3.5 billion core searches in April alone – quite a lot for a search engine that most of us forget about.


The Facebook Affect

It is easy to forget how integrated Bing has become to our everyday lives. In Northern Ireland over 700,000 people are on Facebook. Bing have powered the search feature on Facebook since 2010, meaning that most of us use Bing regularly, we just don’t realise it. It is also incorporated into Windows 8 when a user searches their computer for a term, plus it’s the automatic search engine used on many phones and mobile devices.

More Bing For Your Buck

For smaller businesses in particular, it is vital to utilise the daily ad spend in the most cost effective way possible. If you were a florist in Belfast, this is how Google and Bing could compare cost-wise when bidding on the following keywords…


The volume of searches are a lot lower when compared directly to Google, but it is good to note that you are still getting a lot more clicks for your daily budget. It might be worth stretching your budget a little bit further because Bing doesn’t make the click any less valuable. With a £30 per day budget this is how the number of clicks could compare:


Unlike Google, Bing also gives you exact “best position bids” so you can aggressively target the most important keywords to your campaign – an interesting twist on the more secretive Google algorithm.

Also, rather than having to double the work for each campaign the clever people at Microsoft have made it really easy to import campaigns directly from Google by simply logging into your Google account. Campaigns, keywords and ads are all easily imported so it could be well worth trying it out for your business.

The Negatives

There are a few problems I have faced while trying to use Bing for an ad campaign. Firstly, the location settings are fine for targeting Northern Ireland but not for planning and getting feedback on how many searches there have been for terms inside Northern Ireland over the last month. This is a big issue when trying to set up a campaign as there could be 20,000 searches over the last month for a term though out the UK, but just one in Northern Ireland. However, you will still only be paying if that person clicks on your ad and shows an interest.

The number of searches for terms is still miles behind Google and I am not suggested that Bing would be able to support a campaign fully, nor will it be the saviour of your business but it does provide access to users you may be missing by limiting your advertising campaigns to Google.
As the digital world evolves so should the channels you are using for your business. For now Googles market share is mammoth in comparison to Bing’s but Bing’s is gradually increasing. For now, it should be used as a support platform for campaigns. The number of searches on it may be less but the click throughs to your site could be just as valuable for your brand.


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