Hey Northern Ireland, Digital Marketing – it’s not a religion!

20 May

By Tim McKane

We are evangelists.

No really.

We are constantly promoting the use of digital marketing, and promising that done well, it will change the world for the companies that are prepared to commit to finding new customers. Those customers are already converts. They believe that Google will find them the right product at the right price to solve their problem. They connect with other converts through the mystical channels of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin.

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But really, digital marketing is not a religion.

It does not require you to ‘believe’ in it to make things happen.

There is no need for faith, or hope, or prayer. It will happen. Prospects will go to your web site that have never clicked there before, or phone you, or e-mail you. If you engage with them, you can convert them to become your customers, and then if you treat them as you expect to be treated yourself, they will come back, recommend you, and buy more.

But we meet people who don’t believe. We show them the data, the numbers, the statistics, but no, they are not convinced.

They would rather put up objections. Find reasons not to believe. Even if they behave in the same way as the converts, going online, on mobile, searching, clicking, chatting, watching and buying.

It is strange. It is like in Star Wars when Han Solo decries the Force, even though Luke has used it to zap the Death Star.

But we will keep preaching. We will keep saying to the Northern Ireland business community that they need to buy in, to believe the figures, the trends, the customers.

They need to believe that there are people out there who do believe and who are going to take their customers away…they are called competitors..


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