Will your Twitter followers hit the mute button on you?

13 May

By Dee Jardine

Twitter announced yesterday that they are introducing a mute button.  This will allow users to secretly silence those whose Tweets they don’t enjoy without having to unfollow them and risk the potential social fallout.

For businesses you can continue to follow users who have followed you and receive mentions from them, while having them muted in your feed.  This is great because it will save time scrolling through your feed for relevant posts to Retweet or engage with, without costing you the followers it might by blocking or unfollowing.

This move has been a long time coming from Twitter, as Facebook have had a similar option for a while now.  Allowing users the option to restrict their feed may result in your businesses posts being silenced without you being aware.  Potentially, if you have 800 followers, hundreds of them may have hit “mute” if they have found your tweets repetitive and irritating.

We’ve listed Tweeting tips to stop your business being “muted”.  They’re common sense really, but so many businesses are guilty of these social misdemeanors.

1. Over hashtagging

A relevant and well used hashtag can increase engagement and new followers, multiple hashtags however are like spam emails, cluttering users’ feeds with little relevant information.  If you use too many hashtags you simply won’t have the characters left to say anything meaningful or Retweet worthy. Save the hashtag overload for your Instagram account instead.

tweet fail

2. Repetitive Tweets

There’s nothing wrong with tweeting something you’ve tweeted in the past, especially if you’ve spent time writing a blog or creating an image. You’re followers won’t all be online at the same time, and often won’t scroll far enough down their feed to see your tweet.  Post tweets at different times of the day to get the most value and click throughs from your content, and tweak the Tweet wording a little so your profile won’t look too repetitive.

However, we’ve all seen that culprit who is constantly tweeting the same post multiple times throughout the day, for weeks and months in a row.  Their posts are usually deceiving, written for shock value, when you click through the link it leads to an irrelevant let down…highly frustrating.  Don’t be that guy or we’ll mute you!

3. Continuous Tweeting and Retweeting

Small businesses often only get the chance to check their social media accounts a couple of times a week.  Often when they do get online this leads to them posting a barrage of Tweets and Retweets all in one morning.   Another case where quality is much more important than quantity.  If your followers wake up to a feed full of your posts they will get irritated and will most likely mute you, more so than they will unfollow you for posting infrequently.

To have a regular Twitter presence without overdoing it try using a tool like Hootsuite where you can schedule in posts throughout the week.

4. Thanks for the follow

We’ve all seen those annoying shout out to new followers posts.  Sending a generic Tweet to the five people who followed you yesterday adds no value to your brand and provides no opportunity for quality engagement or Retweets, yet so many brands have a habit of doing this everyday. Just avoid it.

5. Asking for Retweets

Asking your followers to “RT if you love our brand” comes across desperate and like you’ve thrown marketing your brand out the window in favour of begging.  If this is the brand values you want to portray, go ahead but that mute button will be hit more than the Retweet.

6. Continuous promotion

Twitter is a great place to link back to your website, encouraging website traffic and increasing sales.  However if your Tweets are too sales-y too often you risk disengaging your followers.  Try linking 1 out of 3 posts back to your website for promotions,  the rest of the time post information your customers will find interesting, useful or insightful.  Get involved in conversation with others, Retweet information relevant to your industry and comment on other business’ Tweets.

Need some more help with your social media?  Get in touch to find out how we can increase your following and drive traffic to your website through quality posts.



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