A simple guide to yesterday’s AdWords changes.

23 Apr

By Jonny Cameron

Make more changes with less risk, across more devices and channels. Yesterday Google announced up and coming changes to Adwords (Announced 22/04/2014). Here’s what you need to know.

The Google team have summarised the reasoning behind the changes as follows: “ads are now most effective when they connect people with the information, content and places that matter most to them.” In other words, it’s time to make campaigns more flexible.

Apps are the future (in case you didn’t know)

They have therefore taken the initiative over competitors like Bing and dived head first into the app market. The downloading of apps is only going to grow and Google are attempting to improve the targeting. You’ll soon be able to target users based on the types of app they have previously  downloaded. e.g. want to promote a wedding venue? target those that have downloaded bridal magazines, wedding dress apps and the myriad of other things people look for when organising a wedding.  Even more exciting will be the ability to re-engage with people that have previously downloaded your app. We’ve all done it, you download farmyard noises app or the retro games app, only to leave it unused and clogging up your phone’s memory. Digitaltrends.com suggests that 80% of all downloaded apps are only used once. Soon you’ll be able to create ads that direct users to apps they have already installed. Remind them why they installed it in the first place and warrant the time and money you invested in creating the thing!

What else is happening?

You may or may not have dabbled with paid-for third party management tools when managing your Adwords account. Well it looks like these will soon become largely superfluous. New changes include:

  • Make bulk changes, including settings like geography, time and bids.
  • Automate bidding to maximise conversions – allow Google to amend bids based on settings that have historically converted more.
  • Better reporting – no more slicing, dicing, copying and pasting (or forking out for management software). You’ll be able to easily download charts, graphs and my favourite of them all… the pie chart!

Jumping on the Breaking Bad bandwagon

It could be the effects of Breaking Bad (you know how they set up a meth lab) or it could just be a coincidence, but Google are rolling out “your very own lab” allowing you to experiment with bid changes, new keywords, different campaign settings, special bids for times and locations, different kinds of ad formats, and more.

Find out more about paid search advertising here


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