Four Twitter changes affecting your brand

14 Apr

By Dee Jardine

Here are the main changes that are being rolled out and how you can use them to your brand’s advantage.

1) Profile redesign

Twitter is moving away from profiles that look text heavy in favour of larger images, this might look a lot more like Facebook, but is in fact a good thing as visual marketing is proving big so far in 2014. With the realisation that in an overpopulated world of online advertising customer’s attention spans are growing shorter, more and more brands are getting to grips with Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest marketing, all heavily image focused.  This gives you the opportunity to show your brand’s personality at a glance with an image rather than words.

How Starbucks are using the new page today.

Starbucks new Twitter page

2) A wider audience

Twitter have made this change to appeal to a wider audience who enjoy sharing content and interacting with friends, but are daunted by the unfamiliar look of twitter and its long feed of text. Those who are more comfortable with the style of Facebook may be more likely to join Twitter now too. If twitter can widen their audience, you widen your potential audience also, with a wider reach on your #hashtags.

3) Filter your timeline by Tweets, Tweets and replies, or Tweets with photos and videos

You will now be able to be more creative about the look of your Twitter profile page and represent your company in the best way for your brand.  Customers will immediately see you how you want to be seen. You can pin your most relevant and popular tweets to the top of your page to send a clear brand image and to make it easier for your customers to find the information they are look for, for example details about offers or ongoing competitions.

4) The more you engage the bigger your Tweet

Tweets with the most Retweets and favourites appear larger and more prominently on your feed.  This is great for any brand that can engage with their market, with a few retweets and responses your tweet will increase in size making it more eye-catching to a wider audience, again increasing your potential to engage.

There is also the rumour that along with Twitter labelling your Tweet as “low”, “medium” or “high” affecting its presence in your customers feeds, Twitter may also give companies the opportunity to pay for a “high” ranking allowing them to ensure their content is seen by more people.


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