Facebook verses Pinterest: Who will help you sell more?

7 Apr

By Dee Jardine

Pinterest like many social networking sites is all about personal expression.  However, unlike other social networking sites less than 20% of Pinterest’s images contain faces. Users share images of things they love with their friends, including products they would like to own or that reflect their personality. For certain brands Pinterest has huge potential for sharing images of their products to inspire users to purchase. Here’s why Pinterest is so powerful.


We are hearing more and more often how the impact of Facebook for brands is diminishing, with edge rank scaling down the audience who see your posts, and little interaction from those that do. Pinterest is the place to be for engagement, with levels on Pinterest are at an all-time high. Around  80% of Pins are re-pinned from elsewhere on the site.

There’s no need to target, those pinning your images will help do this for you.  Over half of users connect with other users with similar interests and follow their “Boards”.  If an image of your product is pinned you can get this image in front of a large audience who are actively engaged in your type of product – as they’ve already chose to follow the Boards your image has been pinned on.

pinterest boards

User intent

Around 58% of Pinterest users claim they would follow a brand on Pinterest to provide inspiration for future purchases, and roughly 29% pin images in order to come back to come back to them later.  Countless boards have been created on the app from everything from home inspiration to wedding and honeymoon planning, fitness motivation to personal style and beauty. Users on Pinterest aren’t on the site to share photos from their weekend, network or catch up on the latest gossip like the majority of vast social media sites, they enjoy and choose to browse for product ideas.

Around 75% of Pinterest traffic comes from mobile apps

Pinterest users in the UK are growing significantly, between 2012 and 2013 unique users from within the UK grew by two and a half times.  The majority of these users are choosing to access the site from their phone.  With the number of sales from mobile devices increasing year on year businesses on Pinterest have a lot to gain.  Pinterest posts can be linked back to your company website.  Create the right landing pages for each post.   When users click through to your website ensure purchasing is as easy as possible for your customers, by taking them straight to the product they’ve pinned.

Secret Boards

Due to the popularity of Secret Boards earlier this year Pinterest made the number of secret boards a user can create unlimited.  Secret Boards hold further potential for brands to increase their sales.  Users can pin gift ideas in secret to come back to when they are ready to purchase, or pin surprise event plans or ideas for their wedding that they don’t want to make public until the day.

You can use secret boards in many ways to help your business.  You can use it to collaborate with members of your team for an event you’re planning or project you are working on.  You can even pin competitor’s posts in private for your own research.






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