Google maps is changing, here’s what you need to know

31 Mar

By Andrew Thompson

As Google continues to streamline the search process the opportunities are growing for small businesses to increase their market.

Google maps now allow full interaction allowing the user to “click anywhere and the map will focus on that location, showing you helpful things like related places and the best ways to get there”.  Turning the old substitute for a sat nav into a “tailored map” with ability to highlight things that are important to the consumer, encouraging them to spend their money on things they enjoy.

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You are in a town you don’t know visiting a friend. You feel like a coffee, but since the area is unknown to you, you haven’t got the slightest idea of where to look, and might even be too embarrassed to ask someone.  With the new Google maps (providing the local company’s Google places is optimised) all the parched caffeine craving individual has to do is type in the search bar “coffee” and the location, for coffee shops in that area to arise which they can eliminate at their leisure.

From the consumers point of view they have had their request satisfied – they have essentially got what they wanted, when they wanted it. From the businesses perspective, they have increased their sales by a particular number in which would most likely not have happened otherwise.

With both locals and internationals using the application in a particular area, it will allow for the flow of money which is injected into local businesses and communities to increase. These local businesses then give back to the community in the form of wages, taxes and the purchase of supplies.

These may only increase daily units of sales by a small margin compared to what they would usually get, BUT if you multiply these extra sales by the amount of days commerce a year – it doesn’t take long before they start adding up.



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