Ireland, Digital Marketing And The Big Bang

20 Mar

Okay. I’ll admit it. The Big Bang makes my head hurt.

So when I hear that the people who seem to have a level of creative thinking (one that makes my development of a number of good, indeed prize winning, advertising campaigns seem somewhat mundane) talk about the beginning of the universe, I get lost.

For example, where did the Big Bang happen thirteen odd billion years ago? Apparently that is the wrong question, as it happened everywhere at once, or something along those lines. And what did it bang into? Don’t go there…

Ireland Inspires The World

So here is my take on it, inspired a little by the #irelandinspires video on YouTube.

The Irish, both North and South, have expanded like a big bang across the world. Starting on a small island with a tiny population, we now see that there are millions of Irish people spread across the world, particularly in the US. Everywhere you go there will be someone who knows someone who knows you…if you are from Ireland. (Other people from other countries don’t believe this – but it is true).

Space Invaders

The expansion of digital and social media has mirrored the expansion of the Irish. The video game Space Invaders gave us the first hint of things to come. In one summer every player knew the cheats. How, before the internet? Simply by word of mouth (we are talking 1979 here). People exchanged information that must have come from one person working for Atari, and it exploded around the world. In Belfast, Fergie brought it back to us from the US.

Now you have connections everywhere all the time. Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, Whatsapp, Tumblr and more are the multiple big bangs of communications. You can trace these. From a bedroom in Harvard, an office in California, a garage in Idaho (I think I made that one up). And like the Big Bang they are expanding at an exponential rate, with more people spending more time on more forms of communication than ever before.

So we start with the Universe, go to Ireland and end up with digital media – what does it tell you?

That I wrote a blog inspired by two things; St. Patrick and a tremor in the first trillionth of a trillionth of a second…


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