Apple want to take a bite of all your senses including your sense of smell

12 Mar

By Viki McAdoo

Like many other people my smartphone has become a second limb to me. Not only can I choose exactly what I want to use my phone for (talking, texting, tracking social media and news), but also I can use my phone in completely different ways when I need to. It becomes a Sat Nav in the car, on holidays it’s a translator and travel guide, and on a night out it can even get me a taxi home. Everyone must embrace the impact it has on every aspect of our lives but still app developers are pushing it one step further.

The Bacon Scent Iphone device

The Bacon Scent iPhone device may be genius or simply a genius-marketing ploy by Kraft Foods, but it starts the discussion on how personal can your smart phone really become. Yes, the smell of “freshly” cooked bacon may seem funny but what if you could be awoken by your favourite smell each day? Whether it is the smell of the beach or the smell of baked goods surly this is a new level of personalisation. How would you feel if you could smell your boyfriends aftershave each time he calls or if you could smell home cooking from the other side of the world. It starts to sound appealing, right? The personalisation of a phone has gone beyond the stages of phone covers and even apps. This brings it to a level where your phone can be a comfort blanket, subconsciously reminding you of something you love without ever having to look for pictures.

Brands and bacon

From a brands point of view it opens windows. We’ve previously blogged about how affinity matters when it comes to brand relationships. Could a brand find anything better then creating an affinity with a certain smell, on a device you use repeatedly throughout the day? Food products seem like the obviously choice here, but what about that new car smell everyone loves? Who would get the ultimate prize – Christmas? I’m sure there would be some big name brands competing to claim that prize.

I’m on the fence. I’m so intrigued by the many options for groundbreaking marketing ideas that I feel like I am forgetting about the fundamentals of the product. Maybe I don’t want to smell bacon as I wake up, maybe I don’t want to smell fresh linen from my phone as I fall asleep (I could always just change the bed sheets). For me, right now the Bacon Scent iPhone device is just one step too far. The technology is interesting of course and the opportunities for brands could be astonishing but for now an alarm on my phone is perfect without bacon on the side.


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