Digital Marketing Through The Looking Glass

7 Mar

By Viki McAdoo

Digital marketing still seems like Jabberwocky to many people but once the wonderland has been unlocked and the benefits experienced, you would be crazy to ignore it. It’s easy to feel like Alice, lost and wandering around the chessboard of digital marketing options, but this is exactly what I love about it. Fresh out of university, I’ve been keen to delve through the looking glass and work in a field filled with exciting new chess pieces. I’ve been trying to embark on a career in which the landscape can change quicker than the White Queen and I think I’ve found it.

The pawns on the chessboard, like blogging and SEO, have to be maximised to protect the King of online, the website, of any company. At one point this seemed like enough but that alone is no longer adequate for a business to make it to the eighth rank of digital success.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it is that simple. There are constantly new walls put up by Google to make SEO more challenging and Vlogging may just replace blogging in the future.   

Just when I feel like I have got my head around the Tweedledum and Tweedledee of the social world (Twitter and Facebook) the Kings Men come riding in to the digi-sphere and introduce Pinterest and Instagram to show your products through the most beautiful filter.

I’m intrigued by what could pop up next. I love thinking about what new platforms will have been dreamt up and then launched in the next 12 months. Digital Marketing seems like a wonderland to me that I want to explore and grow in. There will always be a new challenge to get my head around. Exploring can be difficult when the terrain is always changing but I’m hoping that this is exactly what will keep me wandering and wondering.

Content is the white knight online but it’s important to remember that marketing fundamentals are still at its heart. I’ve come prepared with marketing essentials like consumer understanding and marketplace knowledge that I can stack some digital awareness on top of to create a career which can develop as fast as the industry does!


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