Warning: Digital Marketing is a minefield

6 Mar

Hi, Dee here, I’ve just joined Navajo Talk as a Digital Marketing Start Out.  Having graduated from BSc Marketing in 2012 I’ve taken a little while to get my foot in the digital door, and I’m very excited to have this opportunity to learn and to begin a career I can be passionate about.

Endless list of digital channels

Having only just put my foot in through the door, the first thing that strikes me is that there is definitely a lot to learn – SEO, paid search, Hootsuite, Google Analytics, Digital Strategy, the list goes on!  Even with a Marketing Degree it’s all very daunting to me, no wonder so many small businesses neglect this area of their Marketing.

Digital Marketing
However there simply isn’t the option to opt out of Digital Marketing any more, it’s where your customers are and if your customer can’t find you online they will find someone else.  85% of the UK are now online, and even those who aren’t are probably influenced by it – my mum doesn’t like the internet but she’ll still ask me to look up reviews and companies online for her before making a purchase decision.  This is exactly why I want to work in digital marketing, because it’s growing, it’s innovative, it’s exciting, and it’s changing our lifestyles.

Going digital should make life simple

It’s amazing the amount of information we can access from our phones alone now and what we can do with it; we can make purchases, book appointments and write reviews.  One thing that really frustrates me and I’m sure many others is when a company wastes my time with their digital marketing efforts.  A couple of weeks ago I was looking for a new apartment and downloaded some apps on my phone to make my search a little easier – I thought!  I used a form on the apps to contact 3 estate agents about viewing properties and just one responded to me to arrange a viewing.  Why have a tool for customers who are engaged in your product to leave queries, and then not even follow it up?  Baffling, surely that’s the easy part! It’s not just estate agents either, there are so many companies with websites and Facebook pages that offer nothing useful to their potential customers.

Digital Marketing is a challenge but it’s definitely not one to shy away from – not for me or these often frustrating companies. There’s a whole mind boggling technical side which I know I need to have an understanding of.  This will mean learning a lot of new and interesting things.  Ultimately, customers want the convenience of easily finding a product that meets their needs, and if you can’t do that they will find it elsewhere!  The challenge is learning how to make sure they find your company before your competitors, making sure that once they do, your website is easy for your customers to use, and that its content is easy for them to see the benefits of your product.

photo credit: mkhmarketing via photopin cc


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