You need to turn your amplifier up to Eleven to get results from Facebook today…

3 Mar

“Up to eleven” has become a well known quote – coming from Nigel, lead guitarist with that most famous of all heavy metal exponents, Spinal Tap (if you haven’t seen it, here it is)

Well now if you want to get some oomph from your social media marketing, I am afraid that you are going to have to get some amplification.

The days of Facebook being a free advertising media are long gone. The sheer volume of activity on the site results in fierce competition to get in front of the potential consumer, and them liking your page has even less impact than before.

Here’s the problem. In Ireland, every Facebook user has around 280 friends. They also like around 80 pages. So in total there are 360 people and pages trying to get onto the newsfeed, with an average of 1500 posts a day! As you may have noticed, you do not see all of these. The Algorithm once known as Edge Rank, but now using many more elements than simply Affinity, Weight and Decay, decides for you if you want to see the content or not. Think about it, or even go and remind yourself of the pages that you have liked in the past. You will be surprised at the number that you haven’t heard from for quite a while.

So what value is there in page likes for marketers? Well not much anymore, other than being a good way to target your advertising. No matter what page we look at the engagement level always appears to come in at around 1%, and that means that 99% are falling further away from the page that they only liked so that they could try to win a prize.

Where Facebook now works as a media is in the same way that all media have worked. Advertising that interrupts the content. Brands are using promoted posts and Facebook ads targeted at those that profile against their target audience, but also those that have liked them in the past. Twitter is also now an advertising media, with promoted Tweets targeted at those with certain interests, watching specific shows.

The key now is where do you want that advertising to click to? If there is not a lot of value in a like, and the data that you get from Facebook and Twitter is theirs, not yours, why bring them to your Facebook page?

You need to think about how to plan a campaign and how to create landing pages that capture useful data for your future marketing. Turning up your amp to eleven is the only way forward, and then it is about hitting the right notes to appeal to your audience.


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