Get ahead or fall further behind

20 Feb

By Tim Mckane

Time moves on… and it seems to be getting faster. We are living in the age of innovation – technology is impacting on our lives to a greater extent every month let alone year. The iPad was launched in April 2010, to a reception that challenged the whole tablet concept. Now Tesco, Argos and others have them on sale at around £100, and they are a must have, not simply for the household, but each individual in the home.


But still we see businesses standing back, not getting the message, not taking advantage of the opportunity, and leaving the door open for competitors to take their customers.

Why? Not a simple question to answer.

The old answer is that there is a generation gap. That those of a certain vintage do not ‘get’ the internet or technology. But they do read their paper, buy books, book travel, purchase clothes and shoes, order their weekly shopping and so much more, online.

But somewhere there is a translation barrier between what people do themselves and what they believe other people do online.

I keep getting told that ‘it is different in our sector’ until with a couple of searches you see the Google results flooded with competitors for that very product or service. So your sector is not that different. In fact, it is the same, in that it is not what you’re selling that is important, it is how people find you, what they do when they go to your site, and how you turn that visit into a profitable transaction.

This year we are going to see more change. Google is going to make good content ever more important, Facebook is introducing video advertising, Twitter will enable local advertising, Instagram will be the channel of the young, Linkedin will continue to grow, Pinterest will drive more traffic to websites, and the increase in online shopping will… increase again.

The age of innovation will start to impact on business, the public sector, education, management, home life, work life, health and creativity.

If you are not putting innovation at the heart of your business, watch out, because a competitor will be…

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photo credit: Βethan via photopin cc


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