Online dating: How can your business learn from digital love?

14 Feb

By Rebecca Kincade

What better time to take a lesson from love than on Valentine’s Day.

Online dating has managed to shirk its social stigma and come barrelling into the mainstream.

60 percent of people using the Internet believe online dating is becoming more popular. It is currently the second most popular way for couples to meet each other, kept away from the top spot only by the more traditional meeting through mutual friends.

valentines day blog

So how did this digital phenomenon move from the taboo to the celebrated and how can your business learn from this success love story?

Make life easier

The internet has removed the most awkward first steps from dating. The face to face swapping numbers, the first phone call, even the first full conversation can now be handled across a much less intimidating medium. Online dating is open to all and allows people to negotiate otherwise difficult introductory scenarios with relative ease.

Before this channel launched there was nothing to fill the void, so the business strategy was a very simple one that merely responded to an awkward demand. Make life easier for your customers and you will notice results – not dissimilar to the Lynx Effect! 

Bring more to the table

Harry Reis, a nationally known relationship expert and professor of psychology at the University of Rochester, believes online dating provides wider opportunities to meet people. It isn’t just about dating anymore.

You should always think about ways to add value to your customers, whether this is through useful content on your website, networking opportunities, competitions or good bargains. Will they still love you tomorrow? Probably!

Increase exposure

Aaron Smith, a Pew senior researcher, said: “When we conducted our first study of dating and relationships in the digital era just under a decade ago, the public had little exposure to online dating.” The same certainly can’t be said about now.

Online dating is advertised across every medium, from Google ads to peak time TV slots. It is no longer shrouded in secrecy, held back from the mainstream platforms. These sites are out there and proud to be, just as your business should be.

Get Appy

OKCupid, Plenty of Fish and Tinder have all created popular apps that allow their daters to log on all the time. This is another step forward that moves online dating into a more socially accepted context.

No longer is this something reserved for a dark office after hours. You can now go internet dating in a coffee shop as you wait for friends or while you are watching the TV. It is this round the clock accessibility that has made the online dating business model so successful and it is something that any business in the 21st century needs to explore.

Be bespoke

Going dating is now more like going shopping. You can type in what you are looking for and only those people who match your specific search will come up. There are even sites that use scientific research to connect you to your best suitor.

Why are these sites so popular? It’s simple. People don’t have time to waste on unsuitable options, whether they are looking for love or choosing their next washing machine. Whatever your business, save your customers time and they will love you forever.

Now, who said romance was dead?


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