Affinity Matters

12 Feb

By Tim Mckane

Here’s the thing. The tendering process. What do you think of it? Is it fair? Are people really clinical in how they approach the assessment of the entries? Or are they influenced by having a relationship or knowledge of the people or company that is tendering. And can digital marketing help you influence the outcome of the process.

brand affinity

There was an experiment done in the US. Two groups of students were given identical maths problems to solve. They were unsolvable. The experiment was to determine affinity levels. The introduction to the tasks for group one described the person who set them and gave his birthday as being exactly the same as each individual in that group. The second group had no reference to his birthday.

So what difference did it make? That one small piece of information.

Group one, the birthday group, worked harder to solve the problems. OK. But how much harder? A little, a lot?

They worked 60% harder. That’s right. 60%. Harder, longer, more. Because they shared a birthday with the imaginary person named on the paper.

So how does that make a difference to a tender process.
We often get told by companies that search marketing, or being on social media, or having a strong LinkedIn presence would not help the marketing process as they are in a tender based industry. But if that small change shown above can influence people so strongly, then is it too much of a leap to say that creating awareness, and therefore affinity, could influence how a tender is marked.

If someone has been to your website, and to get there they will have had to find it, and spent some time finding out about you, or have been impressed by your enthusiasm for new business and the dynamic way you present your brand, then do you think it will make a difference.

If they then go to your LinkedIn profile and see the other people that work with you and the successes you have had in the past, will they move that mark up or down?

And your Twitter feed is up to date, and has really interesting and useful links to stories that they want to read.

You are creating affinity with people that you have maybe never met, but who might want to meet you.

And if you have invested in your digital footprint, and that tender that you thought was an outside chance has come in, then what value do you put on that marketing?

Digital marketing creates affinity. It starts at the top of the funnel with awareness, and then opens the doors to creating conversions, and making more profit.

photo credit: Celeste via photopin cc


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