25 million reasons to read on…

6 Sep

You only have to glance at the response to the announcement that Facebook and Shutterstock have joined forces to know that the online community think it is a ‘great idea’.

This partnership brings with it big opportunities for small businesses. Advertisers on Facebook who require impressive, high quality digital imagery will now have access to choose from Shutterstock’s vast library.

Shutterstock has a bank of 25 million eye catching shots which will be integrated directly into the Facebook ad creation tool. Advertisers will be able to test multiple images—including their own photos, visuals from their previous ads, and professional stock images from Shutterstock—across Facebook’s mobile and desktop advertising products.


Everyone’s a winner

The best part of all is that Facebook is offering the images to advertisers at no additional cost, and each time a Facebook advertiser licenses a Shutterstock image the Shutterstock artist or photographer will earn a royalty.

This seamless access is opening up a great deal for advertisers. In addition to announcing its partnership with Shutterstock, Facebook said it has updated its mobile apps for managing Pages, which is its offering for businesses, organizations and brands. The update adds the ability to: upload multiple photos to a single post, edit existing Page administrators, and add new Page administrators via a mobile device. The Android and iOS Pages Manager apps are available from Google Play and the iTunes App Store, respectively.

Facebook’s updates to its advertising tools make it easier than ever for marketers to discover and test compelling images that help to connect with their audiences.


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