Love Valentine’s Day? Not really

20 Feb
love bacon this valentine's day

Mmmmm bacon

Valentine’s Day is a time to show your love. Reach out to that special person and show them they mean something to you. I love Valentine’s Day. But…

Why do marketers keep gate-crashing the party? I saw a tweet from a supplier yesterday which had me laughing and checking the amount of rubbish in my inbox. It said:

“If you sell spark plugs or skiing equipment or horse saddles and you send me a Valentine’s message, I will block you”

Some swearing may have been removed from this quote!

Who Loves Me? Everyone

In my inbox yesterday I had Valentine’s messages from HubSpot, ShortStack, AppSumo, Nestle, Optify, Love Rugby League, Starbucks and iTunes. Do you know how much I love all of these brands? That’s right, not one bit. I find some of them useful, I even like receiving some of the content they send me, but I don’t go to bed at night dreaming of them. And worse, I can’t even remember what any of them were selling to me yesterday.

Stand out from the crowd

If you’re looking for opportunities for your brand to stand out, is Valentine’s Day really the right time? Do you have a message that is relevant, memorable and will cut through the noise, because if you don’t, why bother sending it?

When you’re planning your marketing activity, certain times of year jump out as “must do” – you can name them all because the seasonal aisle in the supermarket is usually taken over by them. Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter, Mother’s Day, Fathers Day, Hallowe’en, Bonfire Night… there’s a commercial opportunity in all of these and more.

But look at your brand first: what does it stand for, who is it appealing to, who buys your product? There’s no need to waste time on a nice to do campaign when you could spend more of your precious time focusing on the must do campaigns.

Andi Jarvis

You can find Andi on Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn


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