15 Nov

Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored four goals in the friendly interenational last night against England. That in itself is a fantastic achievement, but the fourth goal was the one. The goal. Perhaps the greatest goal ever scored? If you haven’t seen it go and have a look on YouTube .
The execution was fantastic, but if you watch it again, it is the anticipation that made the goal.
Zlatan watches the ball and the English keeper, he is moving forward, but before the keeper even heads it he moves to the place that the ball is going to be, in essence he sees into the future, perfectly.
Good marketing is all about anticipation. The ability to see into the future makes all the difference to the development of a product, a campaign and your social media and digital activity.
Ibrahimovic used data to score the goal. He used the information gathered from playing football for years to see what was more than likely going to happen.
Digital marketing uses data. We are able to predict what people are likely to respond to, how they are going to react, and then develop the best way to engage with them to produce a sale, based on real in depth analysis of the activity to date. Digital marketing done well captures data at every turn.
There is no point in creating content for your marketing, be it e-mail, social media, display, YouTube video, a blog or any other channel unless you can anticipate that it will be read, watched, looked at or listened to with interest.
To create interesting content requires you to analyse what your target audience is interested in. It is not going to be a continuous stream of sales messages, unless there is a real benefit attached.
At Navajo we anticipated that digital marketing was going to be a must have for business, and it appears that using the data that I have collected over thirty years of marketing communications activity, called experience in the old world, we were definitely taking the right steps.




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