When it’s digital content- which is more important- digital or content?

16 Oct

The world of digital marketing moves along pretty quickly, and nothing faster than the titles of what we do. You would think it was simple, but that would be too simple. Digital marketing is broken down into many components.
SEO – Search engine optimisation – in other words making sure you are on the supermarket shelf that is Google.
Paid Search – pay per click, pay per impression, pay pre conversion. Pay is the operative word here – it costs money.
Social media – posting on the social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +1, Linkedin etc.
Social media advertising – advertising on the social media channels
Affiliate marketing – getting others to sell for you – or you selling for others
User x – making sure that the person arriving on the page after they have searched finds what they are looking for, and it is easy for them to take the next steps.
Digital display – buying space on web sites to display your advertising – and that can include using real time bidding, behavioural retargeting, ad networks, remnant inventory and more…
Blogging – creating relevant and engaging blogs – for readers to enjoy, engage with and that will help your search, on WordPress and Tumblr among others

And so it goes on…but central to all of this is content. Content affects every aspect of the digital process, from the ad being noticeable to the blog being readable or watchable.
So the answer to the question is Content – it’s the most important part of any digital marketing strategy.





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