Facebook advertising Facebook- now that is a first…

8 Oct

Facebook has created an ad. Yes. You can look at it here https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=3802752155040 and make up your mind. It has a strong message, all about people getting together using chairs (?) bridges, doorbells etc. It is positioning Facebook as more than a web site, which, it must be said, it is, and adopts the brand proposition that Facebook enables people to connect. Which it does.
But is the ad actually any good?
Advertising is a subjective matter, but there are some objective things that can be said. The opening features a chair, and takes the rather strange idea that a chair facilitates social interaction. Is it a metaphor for sitting down at your computer to go onto Facebook? The ad is a series of vignettes, which is all the rage at moment (another term for everyone doing the same thing as everyone else), but at least they have not simply shown little clips of the target audiences in situ, which is what is frequently passing for advertising today.
The ad will appear on Facebook only, which means they are playing to the converted, but as a good business knows, it is sometimes easier to sell to existing customers, rather than find new ones, and as they announced that one billion people are now on Facebook, they have a sizeable target audience.
So what do you think? Have a look and let us know…

chairs facebook


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