Content is King – but the challenge is to be creative…

1 Oct

Social marketing, digital marketing, search marketing, OK, all forms of marketing revolve around content.
What do I mean by content?
The actual information you publish to enhance your brand awareness, reputation and create opportunities to sell. Content has been at the core of marketing since the original newspapers carried advertising on the front page. Classified ads with a very straight forward message – this product exists, it is for sale at this price, and this is where you buy it.
Then technology opened the floodgates for creativity. You could put a picture in your ad and more people would be drawn to it. Then everyone carried a picture of the product, and smart punchy copy was used for the headline. No longer was it simply ‘raincoat for sale’, it was ‘stay dry when you say hi to the girl of your dreams’.
Then the great Bill Bernbach wrote some ads for Volkswagen and the world of advertising changed forever, with white space, really smart headlines, creative direction, strategic thinking and strategic planning.
Television advertising relies on content to break through and create strong memories. The Cadbury’s Gorilla, Budweiser Frogs, Smash Robots and Daz Two for One all planted memories – some better than others, that developed brand relationships.
Now in the world of online, content is taking a different role. The content of your web site affects how easy it is to find on the search engines. Creating fresh content is important, as Google likes your site to be up to date, so writing blogs and news articles is becoming essential, but they have to be interesting as well as new.
Social media is demanding. A lot of pages and content are at the old newspaper stage. The posts are, to say the least, boring. They may be interesting to the person writing them, but the audience has dropped off for a snooze before the end of the paragraph. Was that Tweet interesting, informative, engaging, or dull and dreary, resulting in your followers heading for the unfollow button?
Why should people like your Facebook page, if all you want is to sell to them?
Why should they follow you on Twitter, when there is absolutely no value in it for them. The Cadbury’s Gorilla rewarded viewers with a smile, a warm feeling, engagement, and a simple moment of pleasure. Very few people are taking the time to think about what they are doing on their social media pages to make them interesting, different, and engaging.




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